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Sex & The UniverCity: Do Piercings In Special Places Up The Pleasure?

Published: Friday, November 9, 2007

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Certain body piercings are said to increase ones pleasure during sexual intercourse or foreplay. But do they cause more harm than good? I researched the different types of body piercings you can get to see if they really add something to your sexual pleasure or not.

There are many different places to get pierced and I was surprised that men actually have more places than women to get pierced. You have the typical tongue ring, nipple rings and clit piercing for women, but men can get the shaft and head of the penis pierced as well as their balls and the skin under the head of the penis and so on.

According to's tattoo page, some people who have been pierced say that they expected the pain to be insurmountable, but it wasn't that bad and the increase in pleasure and stimulation made up for the little pain in caused. That being said, without immense amounts of cleaning and proper care, a piercing can easily become infected, especially a piercing of the penis during sex. You have to make sure to take proper care of the piercing.

So why exactly do these piercings cause more pleasure? In the Body Modification Ezine (BME), located at, there are testimonials of people who have had piercings. The majority of the people who write on this Web site say that the answer is simple but comes in two parts, in that they stimulate the brain and the eyes for both partners. Many people would be turned on by the sight of a body piercing. Also, having one can make people seem wild or more adventurous to their lovers, creating a whole new level of mental stimulation.

The Tongue Ring

The stereotype of a pierced tongue is that it will allow for more pleasurable oral sex for the receiver. According to BME, this is true and something that may surprise some is that women can actually get more stimulation than men when receiving oral sex from someone with a tongue ring.

The tongue piercing is the most common piercing people get in order to increase sexual stimulation. The Web site claims that the reason women tend to get the most benefits from oral sex with a tongue ring is that the ball of the ring can directly stimulate the clitoris. On a male, the ball acts as a massage for the movable skin on the shaft of the penis. However, BME cautions that having a tongue ring will not guarantee awesome oral sex - skill must come first.

The Nipple Ring

Most people in BME said that they find nipple rings simply a visual pleasure. Some women, however, claim that, when pulled or twisted, the rings elicit a great, stimulating feeling.

"They are gross," said Sean Strumello, a 3rd-semester exploratory major. "And I definitely am not going to get my nipples pierced." Strumello believes that most people would get their nipples pierced in order to look a certain way. "It is not that cool when girls get them done but, when they do, you can automatically tell that she is a freak."

The Clitoral Ring

This piercing is said to be extremely painful and easily infected, but the clitoris ring simply involves a piercing the clitoris and putting a barbell through it. It can be very pleasing when stimulated and is basically something extra to help a woman achieve an orgasm. Women tend to get this done in order to increase the intensity of an orgasm, or to help actually get an orgasm.

"I think that it is cool for a girl to have a clit ring if it increases her pleasure, but I am not sure I would want to know about it," said Rob Munce, a 3rd-semester animal science major. "I guess it almost intimidates me, but it would be cool if it were a surprise."

The Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is the piercing of the penis through urethra to the frenum (the underside of the head of the penis). According to, the piercing got its name from Prince Albert of England, who was said to have this piercing and attach a chain from it to a piercing in his thigh in order to maintain a streamlined look while wearing tight pants. This piercing actually is said to be less painful that getting your ear pierced. This can be pleasurable for both a guy and a girl because the ball of the ring can rub against the inside of a women's vagina, or it can be rubbed and used to stimulate an erection.

Other Lesser-Known Piercings

According to, there are nine different types of piercings a woman can get on her genitalia.

There is the piercing of the clitoris and the clitoral hood, which is just a piercing through the top of the clitoris. Then there is the piercing of the labia, the outer two lips of the vagina. A ring can be placed through this thin skin, though it is mainly a visual stimulant and doesn't provide much physical pleasure for the wearer.

There is also the triangle piercing, which goes from one labia, through the clitoral hood to the other side of the labia. This piercing is said to increase sexual intensity and is named because it makes a triangular shape when pierced.

Then there is the Christina piercing, which is a surface piercing on the top of the vagina. This piercing is said to be painful when it rubs up against pants and does not increase sexual stimulation. The Fourchette piercing, which is down by the rim of the vagina, right outside the vaginal opening, can stimulate the penis during sexual intercourse. The Isabella is one deep-down the clitoral shaft near the urethra and is extremely rare because the vagina must have a specific anatomical layout in order for this piercing to work. The Nefertiti combines the clitoral hood piercing and the Christina with a large bar ring. Lastly, the Princess Albertina involves a bar that enters through the urethra and exits at the top of the vagina. This is said to be very sexually stimulating as it rubs against the nerve endings in the urethra.

For men, there are far more different kinds of piercings. Men can have several bars inserted through different places in the shaft of the penis in addition to piercings such as the ampallang, which places a bar through the glans and head of the penis, eventually going through the urethra.

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