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Saget Gets Raunchy


Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08


Sid Sata

Bob Saget, former 'Full House' and 'America's Funniest Home Videos' star, plays guitar during his explicit stand-up show at Jorgensen Tuesday night.

The advertisement for the event cautioned "mature audiences only" and that is exactly who comedian and actor Bob Saget certainly catered to. Saget's stand-up performance Tuesday night at the Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts kicked off UConn's Winter Weekend sponsored by the Student Union Board of Governors. The audience expecting the person it grew up watching on the television family sitcom "Full House" were in for a shock.

The show began with host John Fish, a stand-up comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend." Fish delivered a short routine which covered his experiences with moving from Boston to New York, his two female roommates, to which he added "after two months we were on the same cycle" and his relationship with his girlfriend, whom he had described as being a bit intimidating after learning that she practiced vaginal strengthening exercises.

He also described the day when his girlfriend wanted to exchange sexual fantasies.

"She wanted romance with flowers and something about a candle. I just wanted positions," Fish explained while demonstrating an imaginary diagram for where her legs would be while waving a Boston Red Sox flag.

After a 20-minute performance, Fish welcomed Saget to the stage.

Saget walked out with rap music in the background as the audience cheered on. Without hesitation, Saget went into a barrage of cursing to get the crowd riled up. He thanked everyone for the applause and selling out the theater.

"I sold out, just like I did when I did 'America's Funniest Home Videos.'"

His routine started off with the subject that was familiar to everyone, his role on "Full House."

He mentioned all his fellow actors on the show and joked "we loved each other, we had an orgy every Friday."

As the audience shouted out laughter, Saget added Kimmy Gibler referencing the sitcom family's annoying teenage neighbor, which produced even more shock from the audience.

He discussed his fellow adult co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier and some facts that people might not have known. "[Coulier] shaved his balls, tell your friends," Saget said.

Saget also mentioned how when he and Stamos would go out some nights and in a public bathroom and notice a child present. They would start conversing to one another while addressing each other as their "Full House" character names in order to confuse and shock the young witness.

"Oh my God, 'Full House' is real?" Saget said as he impersonated the person's reaction.

During his time on stage, Saget had his fair share of audience hecklers, either one girl by the name of Sarah expressing her love for him while admitting to being intoxicated, to a UConn lacrosse player who bought out a first row of seating for his team mates. Not only did Saget insult them explicitly, but kept bringing them back up multiple times throughout his routine.

After audience member Sarah expressed her love to him, Saget answered back "I love you too, now shut the f*** up."

Also discussed was his family life, including bitterness toward his ex-wife as well as dealing with three teenage daughters. He joked of past girlfriends since his divorce, adding they were underage and landed Saget in jail.

Even after a date proposal by a female audience member, Saget responded, "I can't go out with you, my next girlfriend hasn't been born yet."

Saget provided a fast-paced routine while cursing up a storm and refusing to stop as the audience expressed laughter out of shock. "I did all these family shows, and now I have Tourette's," Saget said.

Part of what comprised his stand-up style was getting away from this nice guy image by describing sexually deviant acts and using every curse word in the English language.

Saget would later discuss his post "Full House" work, including directing the comedy film "Dirty Work" and his infamous cameo in "Half Baked." He even went into the tales of rejected submission tapes on "America's Funniest Home Videos" where drunk individuals videotaped grotesque acts and stunts gone awry.

The last part of the performance included Saget taking out an acoustic guitar and began with the opening riff to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven." He went into renditions of Shakira's "Underneath Your Clothes" and the Violent Femme's "Blister in the Sun" while improvising his own lyrics, notably just referencing his insults toward those certain audience members who heckled him earlier in the show. In what really displayed his quick wit was answering back at shouting audience members and not holding back explicit insults towards them.

After many occurrences of a marathon of swearing, Saget would reassure the audience, "no that's not right. I'm a father. Don't laugh, and stay in school."

Saget ended his performance with a song on guitar he referred to as his mission statement set to music, titled "Danny Tanner Was Not Gay," which was to the tune of Backstreet Boy's "I Want It That Way." After a standing ovation, Saget plugged his guitar back in for one final song, which revolved around his performance while bringing up all the insults he dished out to unfortunate audience members.

As everyone started to exit the theater, they couldn't help but question exactly what they just witnessed.

"That was just a new face of Bob Saget that I've never seen before," said Greg Switaj, a 4th-semester history major. "I did not expect him to pick on audience members."

Some were shocked as their image of Saget's wholesome Danny Tanner character was now tainted. "I just couldn't believe Danny Tanner was swearing," said Jenna Finelli, a 6th-semester Finance major. "He was hysterical, but really dirty."

It blew my mind on how foul Bob Saget was, but in a good way," said Jason McColgan, a 6th-semester political science major. "My 'Full House' experience is now complete."

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