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A playlist to help you earn that A

Campus Correspondent

Published: Monday, December 10, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08


Here at Focus, we’re battening down all of our hatches for  finals, and odds are, you are too. Here, then, is a finals playlist meant to get your brain in gear and help you get all those As, Bs or Cs you need.

 Hell of a Season- The Black Keys

Starting off your study sesh with a bang, this toe-tapper (or stomper) from the Keys’ most recent album “El Camino” fuels steady concentration and a can-do attitude. The song features a rainbow of instrumentation, including pulsing drum beats and the whiny electric guitar talents of Dan Auerbach. Enjoy. After all, it’s most likely been a hell of semester.

Make It Happen- (Feat.   Juicy J) Casey Veggies 

It’s time to get “trippy mane” in Homer Babbidge. Casey Veggies (with the help of Juicy) will help you tackle that test, or at least have you bobbing your head in the process. Resist the urge to act recklessly while listening.

Mathematics- Mos Def

A classic hip-hop throwback most effective when listened to studying for Stats, Calculus or any other painful Q course you’ve had the misfortune to take. Chock full of record-scratching, nasty spitting by Mos Def and general 90s hip hop reminiscence, this one lends some dopeness to derivatives.

Don’t Panic- Coldplay

Chris Martin isn’t panicking, and neither should you. “We live in a beautiful world,” he declares. Remember this when your exams are making it ugly. 

Textbook Stuff- XV (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

MC XV didn’t go to college, but he offers some quality advice.  “I slumped, in my chair and my grades,” he admits. He does tell us, with the help of K-Dot, to resist education taking over our lives. A refreshingly conscious rap jam, this song helps any student keep it real. 

You Might Die Trying- Dave Matthews Band

Self-explanatory. Acoustically perfect and minimally melancholy, Dave Matthews’ classic from “Stand Up” provides a change of pace. 

Determined- Kendrick Lamar

If there’s anyone this year who represents determination, it’s ultra-successful underground rapper Kendrick Lamar. Straight off his first mixtape, the track impresses and gives you a sweet taste of pre-m.A.A.d. City K-Dot. 

Check Yo Self- Ice Cube

Vital to any classic hip-hop playlist, it’s also vital to a study playlist. NWA days-Ice Cube tell you to “check yo self…before you wreck yo self.” Solid pre-exam advice.

Hard To Concentrate- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wherever you’re conducting your studies, it is likely that concentration (or lack thereof) is an issue. Perhaps the melodic sympathies of Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante and the rest of the Peppers will be prove helpful and soothing.

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