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Bad trends are allowed to continue in our decade

Staff Columnist

Published: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 23:02

When one is immersed in an artistic field where their body is their paintbrush, whether it be ballet, modeling or even figure skating, the desire to achieve a slender and lengthy body is all-consuming. Dancers, for example, work tirelessly to stretch and twist their forms to look as sylph-like as possible, and this obsession carries over into the way they clothe themselves. They learn what styles, colors, and shapes are truly flattering on them as individuals. They don’t try to dress the same, because dancers, like normal people, cannot all wear the same style of costume. This is not to say that there are dressing options to flatter everyone’s natural shape.

Unfortunately, instead of dressing our own bodies and personalities, many of us seem to be determined to wrap ourselves in society’s latest regurgitation. Every period since the beginning of fashion has had its more unfortunate trends. There have been funny shoes with wobbly platforms, frilly tights and cross-gartered men’s stockings, corsets so constricting they caused organ damage, and hoop skirts so large one had to shuffle into rooms sideways. The 80s had shoulder pads up the yin yang, not to mention a whole other slew of confusing trends. The 90s had parachute pants, Company Bugle Boy, and sadness. Now, it’s the skinny jeans and Uggs look.

Most of us ought to take a long introspective look and meditate on what we really want to wear before we go shopping and spend all our money on the latest trend. Many of us, however, are guilty of falling into this unfortunate cluster of style tragedy at the moment. However, this is a valid opportunity to reflect on both our clothing choices, and how we feel about allowing ourselves to fall into a category of this sort in the first place.

Fashion is one of the most important ways in which we are able to express our personalities, moods and tastes. It is unfortunate that the majority of us seem so at peace with reproducing the humdrum style choices of the masses. Surely this cannot mean that all who dress the same are the same by nature. What is the logic behind wishing to have the same fashion products and appearance as the next girl?

Is it the desire to fit in? Is it a fear of our own creative potential? Is it a simple lack of variety in the market? Are we too lazy to come up with our own ideas? What is it about many of us that we are so tempted to fall in line? These questions cannot be reserved for our fashion choices, but again, fashion and style are a reflection of much deeper issues, whether social or personal. Fads and trends exist because we are so prone to push aside our true selves and ingest whatever nonsense we are fed, whether it be corsets or short shorts. Life in general has such an unfortunate tendency to be bland and repetitive. Things like art, literature and fashion are our opportunity to break free of that uniformity and enjoy some variation. Style is a chance for each and every one of us to be different than we were the day before.


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