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Editorial: Traffic and design problems plague Storrs Center development

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 26, 2014 21:01

Though still in the midst of construction, Storrs Center has remained an illogical arena of confusing signage, misleading roads, and disastrous layout. As a result, frustration is common among UConn students in regards to navigation of its roads which have become especially dangerous due to the winter weather conditions.

While Storrs Center has not officially called it a day in terms of its overall completion, it is now arriving on its fourth year of construction. Storrs Center has generated traffic issues as a result of poor planning and numerous complications.

There almost seems to be an overcompensation for parking in the area. Unfortunately, not all of it is as well designed, with a fair amount of the open parking shoehorned into the space behind Buckley residence hall. Having shoved it there, the Storrs Center is almost unfairly spilling into the academic and living areas of campus.

It hides the Daily Campus building behind a wall of apartments and creates a dark roadway between the two. In essence, the parking situation has rather unfairly absorbed a great deal of the property.

Currently, the Storrs Center layout has remained an illogical decision because it has been so long in development. With multiple contractors working on the project, the feel is that of too many cooks in the kitchen, resulting in one large unfinished dish.

Looking at the layout provided by the Storrs Center website, about half of the area has yet to be completed. This has resulted in a very problematic layout of roads. Some seem to lead nowhere and others wind needlessly around a large undeveloped area next to the shopping area, named “Town Square.” It can only be assumed that this area is merely the future “Town Square.”

Of its delays, one of the most primary is its transportation center. Perhaps it is a good thing that is has yet to be opened, considering it can barely hold its current traffic.

A project that is, as of this writing, quite unfinished, needs to reconsider its overall design before adding on. Without more oversight into this matter, Storrs Center remains a misguided mess for many who visit there and are still puzzled as to its eventual completion.

Hopefully, one day, the students of this university will find more logic involved in the pavement of its roads and the construction of one of its greatest assets.  

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