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EIC’s response to controversial comics

Published: Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 18:08

Last Tuesday, the comics "Victory Lap" and "Milksteak and Jellybeans" prompted a number of students to write to us expressing their displeasure that such comics would be printed. I'd like to take a moment to respond.

The comics section is considered to be part of the opinion section of The Daily Campus. Like everything else in the opinion section (with the exception of the editorials), they do not represent the views of the newspaper as a whole, nor those of its entire staff.

Both comics were intended as satire, though they failed in that regard. If a work intended for satire upholds what it meant to subvert, it has failed as satire. Clearly, both comics did just that.

The current policy for the section prohibits publication of profanity (except ass), unless a letter of the word is replaced with an asterisk. It also prohibits actual depictions of violence or sex. We will be working on creating a stronger policy.

Both comics fell within the guidelines of the current policy, as well as within the rights given to all Americans in the First Amendment.

On page two, both artists have voluntarily prepared a response. If anyone has any further questions or comments, please e-mail

–John Kennedy


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