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InstantDaily: 2.12

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Don’t get me wrong, this weekend ruled, but how epic would it have been if Nemo came on a Monday?

Syracuse might be joining the fancy ACC, but their mascot will still be a fruit and they’ll still have less national championships than UConn.

Cardiac Kemba, slowly making it’s way to a National Basketball Association near you.

I find it entertaining when Syracuse fans desperately try to claim their school has more basketball success than UConn on Twitter. 3 > 1 baby.

The pope resigned because of poor health and Enosch Wolf got arrested because of poor decision-making. Bad day for Germans.

So what do popes do after they retire?

The pathway outside Wilson is a foot wide, covered in ice, and there’s avalanches of snow periodically falling onto it from the roof. Yep this will end well.

I didn’t realize Enosch was literally a big bad Wolf.

Would the girl who works in the music library like me to bring her some hot chocolate tonight?

Hi Eric =)

I don’t really care about the change of seasons, but can it just be Spring Concert time already?

Please don’t accept Tom Riddle’s request to be the new pope!! Don’t you know he’s Voldemort?!?!?

And I’m hungry like the Woooolllfffff

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