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Letters to the Editor - Sept. 24

Published: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

University seeking to host debate

A Sept. 23 Daily Campus editorial "No debate at UConn is unacceptable" suggested that the university is the perfect venue to hold a candidate debate during this election season.

The university could not agree more. That's why earlier this summer we invited the three gubernatorial candidates – Republican Tom Foley, Democrat Dan Malloy and Independent Tom Marsh – to participate in a UConn-sponsored debate on the Storrs campus in late October. The debate would also be sponsored by the Connecticut Daily Newspapers Association.

Once all three candidates have agreed, the university will confirm the event and announce the date, time and location. Any and all would be welcome to attend.

Should any one of the three candidates on the ballot be unable to attend, that would mean the event won't take place. Obviously, we hope it will.

Michael Kirk


University Communications

Response to your ‘comics'

I am so disgusted by comics you ran on Tuesday September 21, that frankly I was fully set to bypass even writing a letter to the editor but heading straight for the Board of Trustees to appeal for a refund of my student fees, which fund this newspaper. Instead (or just first, if I find your answer to be unsatisfactory) I want an explanation about how on earth your editorial staff decided it was okay to print such hate speech.

Zack Wussow's "Victory Lap," had little to no illustration and as merely speech bubbles read, "Forget about sugar, spice, and everything nice. Try crabs, scabs, and everything viral. That's what girls are really made of." How in the name of responsible, truth seeking, journalism did you EVER think that comic was fit to print, or even funny for that matter? How? I want an answer. It is Zach Wussow's constitutional right to be chauvinistic, but why does the student body of our university need to be subjected to his intolerance and insults when trying to read the comical section of the paper? Why?

I was so astounded by how incredibly offensive that was, that I almost didn't even read Alex Dellin's "Milksteak and Jellybeans" which depicted a woman in a relationship declaring that "I dunno if I'm ready for that [sex] I wanna take it slow," then a man frowning, pulling a big, shiny ring out of his pocket and throwing it into the bedroom for the woman to go fetch. She, with her tongue flapping out of her mouth and pupils extended to levels normally reserved for caricatures of a dolt, happily and mindlessly obeys her master and RUNS into the bedroom. This. Is. NOT. Okay.

Your writers' flagrant disrespect of women and approval of the Rape Culture that we live in has given me reasonable belief to discredit your entire operation. Unless you are able to come forward with a truly sincere and grandiose apology (I'd accept it in the form of Wussow's, Dellin's, and their supervisor's resignation) then I, and the countless other deeply offended women, students, PEOPLE like me will bring our belief to the Board of Trustees that your paper is truly unfit to print.

Nellie Stagg


I would like to express my extreme outrage at two comics posted on 9/21/10, entitled "Victory Lap!" by Zach Woussow and "Milksteak and Jelly beans" by Alex Dellin. Both comments are sexist, and offensive to every single woman who had displeasure of reading them. The first portrays women as dirty and diseased while the second compares a woman to a dog, and gives the message that coercing a woman for sex is okay. I personally don't find this in any way amusing, nor is it appropriate for a comic section in a newspaper. I'm sure that every female unfortunate enough to read those "comics" were just as offended as I was. I would like some assurance that this offensive filth will no longer be posted in our campus newspaper.

Emily Perriello

Rape Comics are NEVER funny

I am absolutely disgusted with yesterday's (9/21) comic section. Milksteak and Jellybeans by Alex Dellin was one of the most appalling comics I have ever laid eyes on. For those of you who missed it, essentially it features a boy using coercion by means of a jewelry to get a girl to sleep with him. The first frame features the girl telling the boy that she isn't ready and wants to take it slow. The last frame is quite literally the boy tossing a ring into a room labeled "Bedroom" and screaming "Go get it!" while the girl (with her tongue sticking out) chases after. Need I remind you that one in four college women will be a survivor of sexual assault by the time she graduates? I am beyond offended by this blatant depiction of rape. Clearly you didn't think of the 50% of our UConn population who are women and how they might have reacted to such a hateful, sexist comic.

Katlin Tyrol

9/21/10 comics

As a socially conscious man on campus I was outraged when I read the comic section on Tuesday afternoon. The complete misogyny that The Daily Campus exhibited when deciding to include these cartoons, back to back nonetheless, demonstrated their staff's disregard for the worth of a woman. This type of joking is not a joke at all and is a direct contributor to the climate which propagates rape on our campus, a real issue. Congratulations, today I feel ashamed to call myself a Husky.

Jonathan Ramos

9/21/10 cartoons

As a female student on campus I am outraged by the two comics that appeared in yesterday's newspaper. ‘Victory Lap' By Zach Wussow and ‘Milksteak & Jellybeans' By Alex Dellin are both INCREDIBLY offensive to females. The editor of this section should not have allowed either of them to be published in the paper. I ask that there be some sort of public apology made due to the degrading nature of the cartoons directed towards females.

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