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‘Dinosaur’ glows on Jorgensen stage

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Published: Monday, April 23, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 18:08



“Darwin the Dinosaur: A Glow in the Dark Adventure” came to the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday afternoon, as part of the Jorgensen Children’s Series sponsored by Bank of America.

The Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts held their last show for the season called “Darwin the Dinosaur: A Glow in the Dark Adventure” that lit up the theater with an array of colors yesterday afternoon.

There was a special stag set up that was completely painted black in front of the main stage. This special stage allowed for the lighting effects to more vibrant during the show.

Using a series of special lights called electroluminescent wires the show displayed many different dinosaurs, fish and even flowers using these lights. The performers all dressed in black ran around the stage and created a spectacular display of color. Although they reveled themselves at the end during curtain call they still vanished into the darkness of the stage to perform one last dance using the animals.

There were no words spoken during the show but only loud music to convey emotions and explain the details of the story. The story of Darwin the Dinosaur consisted of an unusual character who created Darwin. However Darwin is soon lost in the wild. His creator is desperate to find him while Darwin encounters a series of different creatures. Along his adventure he comes across a gangly ostrich that teaches him to dance. He also finds some flowers that are accompanied with quirky music.

Where there is an innocent dinosaur there is always a mean, scary and a very large T-Rex who takes out anything in his path. He has a random Star Wars light saber battle with Darwin that consisted of slow-mo moves typically found in “The Matrix” towards the end of the show, which the audience didn’t see coming.

There were two very large dinosaurs that took up most of the stage and pterodactyls that looked as if they were flying into the audience. There were many kids in attendance that were wowed at the many colors displayed as well as the brightness of the show. They also had the opportunity to play a few dinosaur related games before the show began in honor of the last Children’s Series Event of the year.

There were two matinees shows of “Darwin the Dinosaur” that began at 1 and 3 p.m. The show had equal parts of body puppetry, dance, and the light show. The creators of the show were Ian Carney and Corbin Popp who met on Broadway. They managed to engineer a show all the while thinking of how to create light weight and flexible characters that wouldn’t be too much of a strain on the actors.

“Darwin the Dinosaur” and the rest of The Jorgensen Children’s Series were sponsored by Bank of America.  

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