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Favorite cartoon revived

Campus Correspondent

Published: Sunday, February 2, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 2, 2014 22:02

The City of Townsville has returned. After 10 years off the air Cartoon Network revamped their original cartoon superheroes, “The Powerpuff Girls,” for a brand new special.

Some may remember the 10th anniversary episode that aired in 2008, but that special was more for the purpose of showing off the incredible CGI capabilities of Cartoon Network through one of its most beloved series.

This special is a fun reworking of the original “Powerpuff Girls” animation and humor, giving the series a very modern look while the three Powerpuff Girls save the world once again before bedtime.

“The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed” is an original story, but follows a very familiar plot that has always come with the series. The Powerpuff Girls save Townsville from their arch nemesis Mojojo, leading him to create another plan that will assuredly give him his revenge. But the plot does not really make a huge impact, nor is it why this special is so great.

“Dance Pantsed” is simply about having fun with the characters and city that we all loved from 10 years ago. Thirty minutes of the Powerpuff Girls flying around Townsville is just enough time to make any fan of the original remember what made them love the series so much in the first place.

While “Dance Pantsed” holds a lot of the same charm as the original “Powerpuff Girls” it also breathes new life into the series with a completely different format and design. The pacing of the show has increased dramatically, relating more to the fast-paced humor of modern cartoons. At times it seems the characters speak so fast that you can only really follow what they are saying through context of the situation. Each moment is so packed with new humor and old charm that it is very easy to miss quite a bit of it, but the jokes that you do get are so quirky and fun that you may not even notice.

The biggest change is the CGI animation in every aspect of Townsville, even down to the slightest movements of the characters. This change is so incredibly noticeable in every detail and it is possibly the most visually stunning 30 minutes to ever appear on Cartoon Network. Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles received a complete redesign from the original rounded style to a literal “edgier design.” The lighting, character design, 3-D movement and the fusion of an old art style into a beautifully rendered world all work to create the greatest imagining of Townsville “The Powerpuff Girls” could ever receive.

Having the original cast, an original director, and even Ringo Starr as a guest star character shows the support that Cartoon Network and the original series gave to this revamping of the 15-year-old cartoon superheroes.

The biggest issue “The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed” has is that it is only a special, a teaser that Cartoon Network has not decided to continue.


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