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Female orgasm gets students excited

Fifth year of lecture series brings taboo subject to light

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Published: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08


Rochelle Baross/The Daily Campus

Dorian Solot talks to students about the orgasm and encourages students to participate by asking questions and sharing experiences.

The Student Union Theatre hosted "I Love Female Orgasm," a talk on the female body and different techniques to get an orgasm, for the fifth year in a row Tuesday night.

Students lined up an hour early for the event, while members of the Health Education Center offered them free condoms, dental dams and abstinence kits.

Brown University graduates Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller have given 500 "I Love Female Orgasm" presentations. The couple talked about the importance of both being comfortable with one's own body, and not being ashamed to pleasure oneself.

Solot and Miller encouraged students to ask questions and to share stories. They made sure to clear up some of the myths about orgasms using the clip from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" that showed how women sometimes fake orgasms.

During the presentation, clips and pictures were shown of areas of the female body where pleasure can be best received. Midway through the show, Miller and Solot split the boys and girls into two groups for private sessions. During each session, a list of ways to lead to an orgasm was created, and students shared stories about their first orgasms.

Solot and Miller talked about how in middle and high school, there isn't always proper instruction regarding sex education and masturbation. They stressed the point that it is okay for members of both genders to masturbate. They also criticized magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Esquire for providing misleading information about how to get an orgasm.

The couple also gave quick facts about orgasms that many people might now know, such as the ability to have one's first orgasm as young as kindergarten or as old as college. They gave advice on how to receive multiple orgasms at once by doing simple exercises. There was also an explanation on how to get to the G-spot, the special pleasure point in a woman's body, and the different phases of arousal.

"Each orgasm is unique like a snowflake," Solot said. She continued by discussing the benefits of orgasms, such as reducing stress and preventing cravings.

"Clearly UConn is big for the female orgasm," Solot said. "This was a really fun audience and we are honored to be back for the fifth straight year."

There was "I Love Female Orgasm" merchandise sold to students that included hats, T-shirts and buttons displaying its slogan. The "I Love Female Orgasm" book, written by both Solot and Miller, was sold with 25 percent of the proceeds going to the charity Breast Cancer Action.

Isabela Galvao, 1st-semester undecided major, said, "It was a really good presentation and very interesting. They answered a lot of my questions that I had."

Steph Jacobs, a 1st-semester psychology major, said, "The atmosphere was light and open. Even on an open-minded campus, they talked about topics that are usually taboo. They cracked it open to exam it in a safe environment."

Another edition of "I Love Female Orgasm" will take place Wednesday at the Student Union Theatre at 7 p.m..


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