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House pets take over Jorgensen

Campus Correspondant

Published: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

House pets take over Jorgensen

Jess Condon/Daily Campus


This Sunday, the world famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater stirred up laughs and audience applause at Jorgensen Theater.  The show, which has been featured by both Jay Leno and David Letterman, stars Gregory Popovich and his cast of over 25 cats, dogs, birds, and mice, as they perform dazzling tricks and feats of agility for the audience.

The show tells the story of Popovich as a young man, kicked out from his job as an acrobat at the local circus.  But, with a strong will and the help of some talented felines, he manages to put his life back together, and form the Pet Theater. From there he becomes a world famous star.  

While the main stars of the show were certainly the various animals, there was no shortage of human performers, who, alongside Popovich, showed off their most wonderfully dangerous stunts and juggling abilities.  However, whenever the animals were on stage, the seemed to steal the show away from everyone else.  From the cats diving through hoops, six feet in the air, to the dogs and mice, climbing onto a train and answering math questions, there seemed to be no limit to what these animals could do.  In the words of Popovich himself, “Who says you can’t train a cat?”

True to its name, the show delivered as a comedy, eliciting laughs from children and adults alike at every turn.  The slapstick humor and talking animals had the young ones at the edge of their seats.  

“She absolutely loved it,” said the mother of a young girl, “She was asking me the whole time if I thought that she’d be allowed to go up and play with the animals at the end of the show” 

However, it was the feats of acrobatics that had students like Kathleen McWilliams, 4th semester English and history major and staff writer for The Daily Campus, absolutely on edge the whole time. 

 “I can’t imagine how someone can train themselves to preform such absolutely death-defying stunts,” said McWilliams.

The show certainly went all out in order to cater to the children in the audience, varying up all acts with relative speed in order to hold their attention.  Before the show started, various booths were set up in Jorgensen with games and activities for the kids to enjoy while they waited for the show to begin, including mazes and face painting booths.  Popovich and his group seemed to do all they were capable of in order to make sure that each kid had a fun time from start to finish.

Popovich himself is a trained circus performer. He was born to Russian performers, and trained in juggling since he was six years old.  He has toured with the famous Moscow Circus, as well as with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey in the U.S.  The Comedy Pet Theater was officially formed in 2006, and Gregory has since toured worldwide, performed in Las Vegas, and broken multiple world-records in the art of juggling.  

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