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Lazy writers lead to mediocre episodes

Campus Correspondant

Published: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08


“Family Guy” has been known for stirring up controversy ever since it first aired in the late nineties. “Family Guy” and “South Park” have both been protested and boycotted by several groups claiming that both shows feature nothing but than obscenity. The difference between the two is that while “South Park” is gross and controversial, the show is a satire and each episode has a message about our society.” Family Guy,” on the other hand, is just trying to push the limits of what you can and can’t do on a cartoon. 

Throughout its run, “Family Guy” has had its good moments and bad moments, but they’ve mostly been good. Every joke in every episode is either a hit or miss. If you see a joke you don’t like or find offensive, you just wait five seconds until the next one and you will find yourself laughing again. I have always been a huge fan of “Family Guy,” but its beginning to seem as if the show has lost its edge. I can now watch entire episodes and not laugh once. The edgy style of humor is what actually attracts viewers to “Family Guy”. At first it was a guilty pleasure, but now viewers are so numbed to offensive content that nobody really complains anymore. The show of course tries to take advantage of this and sometimes pushes things way too far to a point where it’s not funny or offensive, but just stupid.

While the show still pushes the limits of what you can and can’t do and say in a cartoon, “Family Guy” is simply putting bizarre situations on television and expecting a laugh. The writing seems lazy at times. Seth Macfarlane has stated several times that he feels it is time to end the show, and with a career that’s about to take off, its easy to understand why. As a fan, I still watch Family Guy every week hoping for a good episode and sometimes I get it. There are still some very good ones, but the majority of them are just okay or awful. As much as I don’t want the show to end, if this is the kind of material we’ll be getting from now on maybe it’s best for the show to leave on a decent note.


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