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'Lego Movie' surprisingly excellent

Campus Correspondent

Published: Monday, February 10, 2014

Updated: Monday, February 10, 2014 21:02

For over 50 years Lego bricks have instilled a sense of creativity in both children and adults, but “The Lego Movie” was the first time they have done so as a feature-length motion picture. Every child that has ever owned a Lego set understands the desire to create that comes with it. Some kids follow the instructions to build fantastic sets while others follow their imaginations to build completely original toys, but both types of builders without a doubt had fun. “The Lego Movie” is all about this difference in builders, proving that no matter how you play, the most important aspect is having fun.

“The Lego Movie” stars Chris Pratt as Emmet, a generic Lego construction worker who happens to stumble into a prophecy marking him as “The Special.” Tasked with saving the world from becoming completely glued together by President Business (Will Ferrell) and being the most interesting and awesome person in the world, Emmet immediately runs into the problem that he is not a Master Builder. Every other main character falls under the category of Master Builder, meaning that they can create anything simply through their understanding of the Lego pieces around them. Emmet’s journey takes him through many Lego environments, teaching him that all it takes to be special is to believe you are.

The story is heartfelt, funny and surprisingly emotional, but what “The Lego Movie” strives at is having fun with the subject material. A dynamically interesting world is the core of this film, and it is all based on the idea of kids playing with Legos. Every second of screen time displays a stunningly vivid world interacting with itself strictly through Lego bricks. Puffs of smoke, a sea of waves, explosions, giant rock faces and entire cities are all made out of. “The Lego Movie” takes every great idea ever put into a Lego stop-motion film and simply enhances it to a detail far beyond our wildest imagination.

No film could have grasped this level of Lego fun better than “The Lego Movie.” Everything about this movie embodies what it means to play with Lego even down to the cast of characters including but not limited to: Batman, Superman, both ninja turtle and artist Michelangelo, Gandalf, Shaq, and a flurry of original characters. This film brings together some of the greatest Lego designs, the most detail-oriented animation, and some of the funniest things Morgan Freeman has ever said on screen. “The Lego Movie” creates a world of Lego so full of life that it instills the same desire to create and imagine that only playing with Lego magically can.


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