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Like peanut butter and jelly

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 9, 2014 21:02

What do peanut butter and jelly have in common with Leslie Knope and Anne Perkins? One can’t happily exist without the other by its side. Yes, unfortunately the time came last Thursday for Leslie and Anne to say goodbye, as actress Rashida Jones exits the show for good.

Chris and Anne are off to Michigan to be closer to Anne’s parents when their baby is born, leaving Leslie and Ben in Pawnee with the rest of the “Parks and Rec” crew. The good-bye episode opens with Leslie displaying her 103 scrapbooks commemorating her friendship with Anne, a small testament to their great friendship. Leslie also divulges that she is going to fill in the lot that brought her and Anne together as a final tribute to her best friend.

Cut scene and Leslie is hosting a massive party for Anne that celebrates every holiday from Easter to Flag Day because Leslie is unsure when the two will see each other again. In the words of Knope, “Ain’t no party like a Leslie Knope party has 30 parties.” In typical Leslie fashion it’s extravagant and thoughtful.

The goodbyes are said by each member of the department and range from genuine to downright hilarious. Donna’s goodbye is essentially a “Now that you’re gone you know I’m taking control of the dating pool.” Ron’s goodbye is simple and curt, but elicits tears from Jerry (oh excuse me, Larry) and Anne alike.

While Anne is busy being showered with compliments and goodbyes, the boys, Andy, Ben, Ron and Tom are trying to find meaningful gifts for Chris who went on a limb for them buying gifts of personal significance. The results are hilarious and fitting to each character’s personality. As usual, Ben gets flustered and annoyed by the results and keeps on scheming.

It wouldn’t be an episode of “Parks and Rec” however, if there wasn’t a parks emergency and Leslie and Anne had to team up to get something done. In this case, Public Works is blocking the ground breaking on the empty lot outside Anne’s house that brought her and Leslie together, and the two have to team to get it done. I’ll give you a hint, it takes Sweetums, Pistol Pete, ‘Ya Heard With Perd’ and a “Damn Perkins!” headlock.

I won’t ruin the ending for you, but I will say the 13th episode of the sixth season is a fitting tribute to Anne and Chris and two cast members that will be sorely missed by fans. The episode fits in well with the rest of the season and keeps the banter and humor alive in the ways that fans have come to expect.  

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