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Looking to the bright horizon

Senior Staff Writer

Published: Friday, May 3, 2013

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

It’s a bittersweet time when graduation day comes around, but wild underclassmen running loose, a parade of trucks outside my dorm window every morning and piles of schoolwork really gets to you after a while. As a result, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more ready to get the heck out of here.

The college scene was a great ride but like high school, four years is more than enough to get the experience. There comes a point when little things that you shook off as a freshman begin to really drive you insane. For example in many student experiences there is always an inconsiderate neighbor that you find on or off campus. They somehow have managed to create a sound system that can reach a new level of noise that could be heard as far away as Manchester. The constant beats of dub step, odd electronica or whatever genre they love can certainly drive one insane during exam week at three in the morning. I personally couldn’t be happier to leave them behind.

Then there are the crazy underclassmen who haven’t fully learned their drinking limits and continue to cause chaos every weekend or sometimes during the week. Accidentally stepping on vomit has become overrated at this point in my life. Besides the tiresome social aspect of college, there’s the academic side which can become overwhelming after four years. Sometimes I question my professors’ sanity on the pile of work that is given to us. There have been times where I’m not certain it is humanly possible to complete the amount of work given at times. In the real world, I am expecting to be given work that may overwhelm me. However, I’m assuming my career won’t have me complete general education requirements, solve difficult statistics problems or write 25-page research papers.

Also, how can we forget the financial burden? College is super expensive and the price of tuition continues to climb higher and higher every year. We, as grads, have to deal with paying off financial loans but no longer have to worry about taking out larger loans, not to mention the complicated paper work and the nightmares of FAFSA. After all this, students still wish we have an extra year or two.

In reality, our time is up and a new generation is coming to complete the same path we did. Although there are some of us who are on the five-to-six year path depending on our major, there is already a new group of undergrads that have taken over. It’s sad to think about but there is a reason why we are meant to stay in college for a certain number of years because eventually outgrowing the college scene. Graduation shouldn’t be looked at as a negative thing because we have completed something that generations before never had the opportunity to do, yet we continue to mope because we are afraid of leaving the luxuries that UConn has to offer.

It would be a lie if I were to say I wasn’t the least bit nervous for the post-grad life. The college oasis is fantastic because you have friends just around the corner and usually ready to hang out when ever. It’s this concept that I will miss the most about college, that friends were always around and always being surrounded by a great community of people. I’ve learned a lot in my four years at UConn from the greatest professors, coworkers and friends one could have. However, the class of 2013 has reached a point where it’s time to try something new and start a new chapter in our lives to move on. Although the real world has an uncertain quality especially with the uncertain job market, we need to take those courageous steps forward and not regress. After working for four long years, it’s time to put those bachelor degrees to work. Even as I write this I’m suddenly reminded once again why I am ready to graduate. In the distance I can hear underclassmen drunkenly chant “UConn” and loud trucks lining up outside my window. I’m convinced they are waiting for me to fall asleep so they can start their morning routine. Class of 2013, we had a good run, but it’s time to move on.


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