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My Sex Doctor: A new app for sex education

Campus Correspondent

Published: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 22:10

No other app has ever coined the motto, “To Change Sex Education Forever!” until now. “My Sex Doctor” is an app that offers comprehensive sex education in easy-to-read English. It is meant to be a useful tool in aiding the learning process of young people. It’s like a sex education course in the palm of your hand. The app covers all aspects of sexuality, including “body changes, flirting, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, parenting and abortion.” A short, fun clip on the app’s website, “,” ensures that having questions about sex is normal, but finding reliable answers is not easy. That is where the app comes in, to take the place of awkward conversations with adults and clueless speculation among friends. The creators stress that no person should ever grow into adulthood without adequate knowledge about sex. The app’s says even the internet is a confusing place to learn, requi”ring lots of reading with no guarantee that information is reliable. That is why “My Sex Doctor is simple to read and navigate. An easy to use interface allows a user to touch into topics and from there, explore deeper into a topic of interest. “The First Time” and “HIV/AIDS” are among the topics available. The topics are very in depth, first asking a user to touch a desired topic, then displaying more detailed options to narrow down a search. For instance, the topic “Pregnancy,” leads to a sub-topic, “How Does A Woman Get Pregnant?” among others. This function covers a wide array of information, guaranteeing that a user will not leave the app feeling uneducated. There is also a dictionary function, and a “100 Things You Need to Know” section, which is sure to spark curiosity in growing minds. A realistic fear society should have is that young people will grow up following a distorted view of sex, leading to ill-advised practices and behavior. Ultimately, this uneducated behavior will lead to sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies or the perpetuated cycle of sexual ignorance. “My Sex Doctor” is a learning tool designed to prevent this. With its bright colors and easy to use format, it is targeted to young people ages 13-25, but anyone wishing to brush up on their sex education is encouraged to download the app. The creators are on a mission to change the way the world learns about sex. In this case, with sex education comes knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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