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Nikki Glaser delights with sexual humor

Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

Nikki Glaser delights  with sexual humor

Kevin Scheller

Comedian Nikki Glasser performed at UConn’s Student Union Theater Thursday night. She broached sexual and sensitive topics that drew lots of laughter from the crowd.

28-year-old comedian Nikki Glaser joked around about everything to do with sex at the Student Union Theater on Thursday night, eliciting uncontrollable laughter from audience members.

Originally from Missouri, Glaser first gained prominence on the comedic stage during college when she contested in season four of Last Comic Standing. She currently lives in New York City with two roommates. In addition to having her own podcast, Glaser will host a show in MTV with Sara Schaefer early next year.

Though she arrived a little late, Glaser was seen walking to the back room, taking her coat off, and starting the show immediately. She said she just got out of the car and jokingly blamed one of the SUBOG workers for not giving her enough time to prepare. So while she chugged a bottle of water (apparently there was no cafe on the train she took from New York), she awkwardly tried placing her chewed gum on top of the bottle, then under the stool next to her and finally on the edge of her phone.

Glaser warmed up to the audience almost immediately with jokes about her roommate, who she refers to as a fat failed actress, or as she likes to say, “factress.” Apparently Glaser is very nice to her roommate to her face, despite dedicating a good portion of her shows to making fun of her, which she did at UConn, talking about her lack of social life, depressing behavior and how she thinks ghosts steal her hummus.

“Even though some of the things were awkward, she made it so it was part of the show,” Emily Eaton, a 3rd-semester human rights and journalism double major.

Making puns on well-known references, like shopping at “Forever 81” for her grandmother, Glaser followed up a lot of her jokes with dry, witty and quick humor. She went into more controversial topics like abortion, virginity and sex.

“Nikki brought up a lot of points that a lot of people are ashamed to bring up which brought a lot of laughter in the crowd,” said Liz Tejeda, a 3rd-semester undecided major. “I liked how blunt she is with controversial issues.”
A better portion of Glaser’s show focused on sex. She shared how she was a virgin until 21, and her numbers shot up after that, telling the audience how she went all out with it for the past seven years. She asked the audience about masturbating, anal sex and fingering. She even tried teaching the men of the audience good techniques to use with their hands. She also let them know that they should be embarrassed by their monstrous faces when they orgasm. She ended the show before a film screening at eight with a story about her Brazilian wax kit.

“I could tell she was nice,” said Eaton. “She could’ve kept going for another hour, I think.”

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