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Options for a change in scenery

Focus Editor

Published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Options for a change in scenery

Lindsey Collier/Daily Campus


As wonderful as Storrs can be, sometimes people just crave a change of scenery. However, it’s incredibly hard to get out of cow-town as younger undergraduates can’t have cars on-campus. While it can almost feel like a hopeless situation where people are stranded here weekend after weekend– one that no amount of partying can shake the eventual boredom that results–there are many ways to get out of town for a day or weekend.

The cheapest option is Megabus, which leaves twice daily from the Co-op bus stop adjacent to Gampel Pavilion. While it’s very inexpensive, starting at $1 per trip and rising from that (for example, a trip scheduled three days before cost $21), the downside is that the service only reaches Hartford and New York City, meaning destinations are very limited. Longer trips can be chained from New York City’s hub as far as North Carolina, but that would lead to days and days of travel; unless someone has a six-day weekend, long trips are out of the question.

Slightly more expensive, is the Peter Pan bus service, which stretches across dozens of New England sites, and some in New York and Washington, D.C. The service is a bit nicer for a slightly higher price (a round-trip trip to New York City goes for about $50), and there are a lot of lines to a lot of places; it’s useful for visiting friends at dozens of local colleges.

Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks is the nearest way to get far away fast. Serviced by nine airlines, Bradley’s about 40 minutes away from UConn, with thirty flight destinations that can be linked through connecting flights to any airport in the world. What’s more, barring that a ride from a friend can’t be found, UConn Transportation offers rides there for $50 with reservations; check their website for details. Just make sure you won’t have a surprise exam before you schedule that spring break flight to Puerto Rico.

And if you’re looking to simply get away from campus, even if it’s only for an hour, there are a few options. There’s the WRDT bus service, free with an UConn ID, that leaves from Shippee and Whitney to Grand Union in Mansfield, the Holiday Mall, the Eastbrook Mall (with the Mansfield Movieplex 8) and Wal-Mart in Windham. 

Hertz On Demand is also an option for people who may want to drive thirty minutes to Buckland Hills Mall or further, to visit home or friends. For around $5 an hour or $70 a day, students can sign up at and take one of four cars parked on campus for a spin (as long as they have a license).

Finally, SUBOG frequently holds trips to places including Six Flags and New York City. An upcoming SUBOG trip on Dec. 2 is a journey to the Meadowlands in New Jersey to see the Arizona Cardinals take on the New York Jets in NFL action for $50 per student. 

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