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Stay Tuned: Couples steaming up the small screen

Staff Writer

Published: Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

If you have not yet heard, Valentine's Day is tomorrow and in honor of the love-filled holiday, here is a list of some of the cutest TV couples.

For over 10 years, we have watched Ross and Rachel's love/hate relationship in "Friends." Ross is the nerd who is infatuated with the spoiled princess, Rachel. "Friends" taught us that fate brings together the unlikeliest of people and in the season finale, we saw that Ross and Rachel were always meant to be more than just friends.

Who is your favorite couple in "Modern Family?" Between Gloria and Jay, Phil and Claire and Cam and Mitchell, I would have to go with Cam and Mitchell. These two partners know how to have a good time with their ridiculously adorable Vietnamese adoptee, Lily. Cam and Mitchell show us that a healthy relationship is filled with lots of laughs and some occasional screaming.

Before either of those couples, there was Lois Lane and Clark Kent. For a very long time, these two were stuck in a love triangle in which Clark was obsessed with Lois, who ironically, was infatuated with Superman, Clark Kent's other identity.

Speaking of saving the world, another fictional couple is from the spy series "Alias." In the first season, Sydney Bristow was introduced to the world as a heart broken agent who is determined to bring justice to the death of her fiancé. As the series progressed, Sydney found it in her heart to love Vaughn, also an agent for the CIA and Sydney's point of contact with the CIA.

I grew up watching the "Gilmore Girls" and for over four seasons, I wanted Luke to have the courage to ask Lorelei out. In season five, Luke and Lorelei started dating but this only lasted a short time because of Lorelei's mother and her ex's meddlesome ways. But don't fear, the finale of "Gilmore Girls" hinted that Luke and Lorelei will end up together.

Another classic TV couple is Meredith and Derek from "Grey's Anatomy." From the beginning of the show, it was clear that these two were destined to be more than just co-workers. In a later episode of the series, Derek proposed to Meredith in possibly the most romantic way you can propose to a surgeon. I can already picture their children being ridiculously good-looking and unbelievably smart.

Another adorable couple is Chuck and Blair from "Gossip Girl." Even though Blair ended up marrying someone else (the evil Prince Louis), I have a strong feeling that she will soon come to her senses and run back to Chuck. I cannot think of two individuals who are more perfect for each other than Chuck and Blair.

Some other cute couples include Homer and Marge from "The Simpsons," Joey and Pacey from "Dawson's Creek," Carrie and Mr. Big from "Sex and the City," and Marissa and Ryan from "The O.C."


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