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Top shows to shamelessly marathon during winter break, finals week

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 22:12

With break approaching, you find you suddenly have time to watch all the shows you’ve been wanting to all semester. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably already spent some time watching some of them and aren’t proud of it, but it’s done. Either way, there are a lot of good and bad shows on Netflix. Here are some recommendations to help you kill time over break with some of the better shows.

The League: This is perhaps both the greatest and most underrated comedy on television today. The League is a half scripted and half improvised sitcom about a group of middle-aged men and one of their wivews who are obsessed with fantasy football. While that may not sound appealing to non-football fans, trust me on this one. The show more often than not focuses on their personal lives and the character’s dilemmas rather than football. It is one of the raunchiest comedies airing right now, frequently pushing the limits of what you can and can’t show on cable even with a TV-MA rating.

Breaking Bad: There’s not much that needs to be said about this one. If you’ve seen the show then you know why it is frequently referred to as the greatest television serial drama of all time. If you haven’t, then you’re probably tired of hearing about it. The only question I have to ask is if you haven’t seen it yet, why not? Do yourself a favor by reevaluating your life and priorities and check out this great show already.

American Horror Story: Fans are divided on the latest two seasons, but the first story in FX’s chilling horror anthology is perfect. Our story begins with a New England family moving into a haunted house in Los Angeles looking for a fresh start. When a ghost impregnates the wife and they begin to learn the secrets of their new home, things quickly escalate into madness. I don’t know which seasons Netflix has, but for what it’s worth, I like all of them even if the first is easily the best. Make sure you watch with the lights off and be prepared to be extremely confused.

24: 24 is the ultimate marathon show. Each episode is a non-stop thrill ride with a cliffhanger ending. It is practically meant to be watched straight through on Netflix. While we all have our favorites, there isn’t a season of the hit show that isn’t great. It’s also coming back this summer so this is the best time to get into it.

How I Met Your Mother: Ted’s epic search for a soul mate is apparently a really long story. His children sure are patient. As friends defined 90’s pop culture and the times, How I Met Your Mother is the sitcom to define the 00’s and 10’s. You’ve probably seen re-runs and episodes here and there, but why not spend some time watching this hilarious show in order, the way it was meant to be seen. It’s actually funnier this way because you catch all of the inside jokes.

Lost: Its middle seasons may drag and be a bit convoluted, but it manages to both start and end strong, tying everything together rather nicely. The story of plane crash survivors stranded on a deserted supernatural island is just as complex as you’d expect. At times it makes no sense and is frequently misleading and confusing for dramatic effect, but in the end it works. Being able to watch episodes back-to-back certainly makes for a better viewing experience as every episode will leave you with more questions than answers.

Other Shows Worth Watching: Parks and Recreation, House of Cards, Archer, American Dad, Family Guy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


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