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Untangling Vine’s success in the social media industry

Campus Correspondent

Published: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 23:11

Social media is changing the world we live in, but one particular app has been increasing in popularity as of late and has brought the next wave of Internet celebrities with it.

Vine, a social media app owned by the ever-popular Twitter, allows its users to shoot six seconds of multiple video moments and then fuse them together with looping to create a strand of the segments that have just been shot. The app has been all the rage since its release earlier this year. What separates Vine from its other partners in the app world is its level of interactivity. Never before have people been able to produce videos as rapidly and post them to the connected with the world as easily as Vine allows them to.

Vine passed the 40 million user mark in August and shows no signs of slowing down. Vine’s easiness to use brought a lot of attention to it early on in its existence, and along with it came Vine-famous users.

Similar to Twitter’s verified accounts, Vine has verified accounts as well that symbolize celebrities who use it. However, Vine also includes ultra-famous users who have gained a large following to also be verified, creating a new wave of Internet celebrities. One of the more notable users is college student Eric Dunn, who has risen to stardom quickly.

“I started early,” said Vine celebrity Eric Dunn, talking about his sudden rise to fame. “I downloaded the app in March and made a bunch of funny videos before anyone even knew what the app was. After I made a video that went viral, everybody was asking ‘What app is this?’ and I noticed my followers increase by the thousands.”

Dunn, who is a 20-year-old student at Florida Atlantic University, became popular by doing cartoon voiceovers of “Spongebob Squarepants” and other childhood shows, replacing the cartoon dialogue with some adult humor of his own.

In addition to the over 2 million followers he has on Vine, Eric says he has seen more people recognize him in public. “I’m not going to lie,” Dunn stated, “it gets annoying sometimes because people are awkward when they approach me, but I love the popularity. You just have to learn how to handle it.”

Although his popularity has grown exponentially over a short few months, Dunn is staying focused in school to get his degree.

“Vine isn’t a priority for me like it was in summer…I’m back in school now, so my focus is on going to class, turning in work on time and getting good grades.”

Overall, Dunn is grateful for what Vine has done to his life, and is intrigued by the app itself. “Vine has brought out the creativity in people,” Dunn said. “Six seconds is a short time, so you have to be able to get others’ attention quick. There really are no apps like it.”

While Vine has amassed millions of followers, the trend is still new around campus.

One of the users on campus, Ryan Halloran, says that he uses Vine to watch quick and comical videos. “I love seeing how creative people can be in only six seconds,” Halloran said, “My favorite part of Vine is seeing people mash-up pop culture references into their everyday lives.”

Some of these pop culture references, such as songs, have helped make the app popular. For example, the song “Wop” by J. Dash was released on YouTube in 2011. Roughly two years later, a six-second audio clip of the song made it onto Vine. During the summer of 2013, hundreds of vines were posted, each of the creative renditions of the audio clip (a Google search would attest to the plethora of vines created).

Overall, Vine has introduced an entirely new form of social media. Despite the short frame length, people from all over the world have been able to flex their creative muscles for a video lasting mere seconds.


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