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What "The Office" lacked

Staff Writer

Published: Sunday, December 1, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 1, 2013 21:12

It’s really a shame that “Parks and Recreation” can’t perform at NBC’s expectations. While the show is a fan favorite with a strong and growing following, the ratings have never been great, despite its strong Netflix and Hulu viewings. It seems that perhaps with streaming as an option, many are willing to wait to watch the show. I can’t really blame them as I do the same thing.

This past October, NBC pulled the show from their weekly schedule to give the timeslot to a new show they felt could pull in higher ratings with the promise of two episodes of “Parks and Recreation” in November and the show’s return sometime in early 2014. Seeing these two new episodes I am reminded of why the hiatus is a mistake.

“Parks and Recreation” continues to be one of the best comedies on television. The show continues to be well-written satire taking a stab at our current government’s state of affairs and it continues to have a bold plot. The show has never been afraid to give its characters an unhappy and unexpected ending. Last season Andy was rejected from the police force, which may have made for a sad moment, but it led to him getting a job he is truly passionate about. In this last episode, Leslie was unexpectedly and unjustly recalled from office. In any other show I’d be worried about what will happen next, but the writing team knows what they are doing and I’m confident that this will only lead to more good things for the show.

What I like most about “Parks and Recreation” is its over-the-top characters. Every character’s traits are so exaggerated and ridiculous that they are actually believable. “The Office” gave us Michael Scott, the ridiculous boss who wants to be loved by his employees, but not much else. This is why the show fell apart without him. Yes, Dwight was also over-the-top, but did anybody really care for him without Michael around to play off of? I didn’t think so.

“Parks and Recreation” has given us so many characters to like and root for that even with the announcement of both Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones (Chris and Anne) leaving the show, I am confident that it will continue to do well. NBC once called their Thursday night Comedy Done Right, but they’ve pulled the only show that was doing just that.


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