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Worst movies of 2012

Campus Correspondent

Published: Monday, December 3, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

There will always be bad movies, however the most disappointing are those with such potential they should have and could have been good, but things did not go right. This is a list of what 2012 delivered to us not in terms of the worst movies, but those ones that really disappointed.

“Act of Valor:” This was a huge wasted opportunity: a realistic film about Navy Seals using real Navy Seals! This turned out to be a long boring commercial for the Seals instead of a movie. The acting is horrible, all the characters look the same and are not developed or distinguishable, and the dialogue is awful. Moreover, most of the action scenes are with teams of extras of no importance. What a wasted opportunity.

“Wanderlust:” Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are two celebrities I really like. The people behind Role Models made this, and I loved “Role Models.” Yet, for some reason I did not laugh once during “Wanderlust.” It felt like a drama with no conflict or humor. No wonder this movie flopped really hard.

“The Five-Year Engagement:” Jason Segal is one of the funniest guys out there — he wrote “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which is one of the funniest movies ever. I was excited when I heard he wrote this as well as starred in it. There is serious chemistry between Emily Blunt and Segal, but it is wasted. The movie is not funny at all. It’s actually annoying in its attempts to be funny. It has funny people in it but it wastes their talent. To top it off, for some reason this movie is two and a half hours long. One scene towards the end was really funny, but by then I was so mad I didn’t care.

“Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:” The title itself gives us such an interesting premise that it’s hard to screw up. However, the worst actors possible were chosen for this movie and the plot is corny and poorly written. The title promises a fun “B movie” full of gore at the least, but we don’t even get that. Lincoln is probably glad he died in that theater and never had to see this crap.

“Lawless:” I expected this to be a gangster classic with a great cast. Instead we have a movie that isn’t even memorable. The story doesn’t take itself seriously and it seems as if the characters don’t take it seriously either. In a drama about a war between cops and gangsters, you might want to take yourself seriously. Where’s Scorsese when you need him?
“Silent Hill Revelations 3D:” In my review of this a month ago I called this film an “abomination.” In retrospect those words were harsh, but not harsh enough. This movie is so bad it makes you want to give “The Human Centipede” an Oscar. The first one was so good, but this was just the worst thing that has ever existed, truly painful to watch.

“Red Dawn:” I liked Red Dawn when I saw it, but the more I think about it there was a lot wrong with it. While it is a fun action movie screaming God Bless America it is so rushed and under developed. The film was heavily cut and censored due to political pressure. I want to believe there was some genius and better development in what ended up cut, but we’ll never know. “Red Dawn” was dumb fun, but there was potential for a lot more than that in such a story.


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