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Humble Bundle: The Best Charity Ever

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 20:02

One of the best-kept secrets of the core gaming community is the existence of the “Humble Bundles” on Re-inventing charitable donations for the digital age, the service has quickly risen to prominence in the past few years.

The Humble Bundles are a series of charity-benefitting sales of digital PC games. Originally known as the Humble Indie Bundles (complete with an emphasis on offering smaller indie titles), in time, major publishers came to support the service as well, with companies such as EA and THQ offering some of their major titles including the likes of “Dead Space,” “Battlefield 3,” and “Saint’s Row The Third.”

The Humble Bundles offer a unique way for donors to pay for the games. You can set your own price and pay whatever you want. The great thing about Humble Bundles is that you can donate as little or as much as you want and still get your games. But there are a few catches. You need to donate a minimum of $1 in order to receive the games – a restriction put into place after previous bundles featured various donations at the $0.01 level – and you don’t get to receive every single game offered if you only pay the minimum amount. For example, in the recent “Sid Meier Bundle,” paying the minimum amount would net you the complete editions of both “Civilization III” and “IV” as well various other titles. To be awarded “Civilization V” or it’s first expansion pack “Gods and Kings,” you are required to “beat the average,” that is pay more than the combined average sum of the donations made. To be awarded the game’s latest expansion pack, “Brave New World,” you would be required to pay a set price of $15. That being said, compared to the average retail price of these items, the Humble Bundles allows you to receive a substantial discount.

Additionally, for every cent a visitor to the site donates, they can choose where their money goes. If you donate a $1, you can choose to give it all to charity, the game’s publisher or the operators of the Humble Bundle website. Alternatively, they can distribute the donation evenly amongst the listed parties or in any way they see fit.

The Humble Bundles are an exciting and innovative way for getting the tech savvy gaming community interested in possible charity donations. The Humble Bundles help great causes, make for great PR for publishers and allow gamers to rapidly increase their game libraries at a bargain.


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