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Insomnia joins RAR to support groups efforts

Campus Correspondent

Published: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 00:12

Today at Insomnia Cookies five percent of all purchases will go to the UConn Revolution Against Rape (RAR) Organization. RAR is hoping to use the money donated by Insomnia to support their annual slut walk, consent workshops and fees for attending conferences.

RAR began in December 2011 and, “meets weekly to watch movies and have discussions about sexual violence and feminism,” said Rachel Stewart, a 7th-semester Psychology student and one of the founders and leaders of the organization. RAR also works to change the current rape culture on campus and support any students struggling with sexual abuse.

RAR is active beyond the UConn campus; members travel to nearby high schools to do workshops about consent and the basics of sexual assault. Stewart and her peers educate the younger students about what to do if they or someone they know has been sexually assaulted. They inform them of the resources available to them at their high school and within their communities.

RAR is most well-known for their annual Slut Walk, held every September on Fairfield Way. Slut Walk spreads awareness to the entire UConn Campus about the need for change in the victim blaming culture of rape and sexual assault. The costs of this event, which include “T-shirts, poster making supplies, and megaphones,” according to Stewart, do add up and that is where RAR is hoping Insomnia Cookies can help.

Insomnia Cookies is constantly partnering with different student organizations across the country to help them raise the money they need to continue their programs. “We run anywhere from 2-12 donation days a month at each one of our 40+ locations,” said Renee Sarnecky the Director of Marketing for Insomnia Cookies.

Donating five percent of profits for two to 12 days a month can certainly add up and make running a business more difficult, but Sarnecky says, “Insomnia Cookies really enjoys being involved and giving back to the campus and local community as much as possible.” After all, a college campus is where Insomnia made its own start in 2003.

Sarnecky encourages any student club or team to apply for a donation day. She suggested that, “organizations interested in applying for a donation day or learning more should visit our website at and click on the fundraising tab.”

As a relatively new organization, RAR has never done a fundraising event of this scale. Stewart said, “we have no expectation of how much money we will receive.” In her mind, if Insomnia donates “enough money to cover gas money to a high school a little farther away that would be great!”

“I had never thought about rape or sexual assault before coming to UConn,” said Stewart, “no one ever talked about it even though people I know had been sexually assaulted.” If the money raised from Insomnia cookie sales can help educate just one more class of high school students RAR will be one step closer to their goal of changing the victim blaming rape culture.

So, take a break from the studying and stress of finals and buy a few treats at Insomnia Cookies in order to help RAR in their efforts to stop sexual assault.


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