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InstantDaily: 2.28


Published: Monday, February 27, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013

Do you remember

I'm the kind of girl who's still sad that Jo and Laurie never got together...

Any other super-seniors miss Hasheem Thabeet's swaggerliciousness?

You know you're in Montieth when your professor takes a break in the middle of a thought to comment on the fact that there's trash bags lining the windows.

Did the women steal the Ohio State jerseys?

I bet the one who bashed fedoras last week was wearing one of those ridiculous looking flat brimmed "rapper" hats. - a fedora wearer

I didn't know there was a class about YouTube, but apparently a lot of people in the library are studying for it!

I like to lay in peoples beds and make it warm for them, like a little kitty cat!

Where have you been InstantDaily? This is the first time I'm seeing you in a couple of months. Did I do something wrong?

Skyler is a boy's name.

Why won't UConn let us keep the enormous heads from the game? I want to look at Niels every morning upon waking.

Is itching contagious?

I just had sex with a porn star... and he had only nice things to say about me.




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