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  • UConn Gampel UConn resolves issues with workers, but union still has concerns

    UConn has resolved its contention with the workers hired to build the new basketball facility, and construction on the facility is expected to be completed on schedule.

  • The Daily Campus E-books gain wider use by professors

    With the combination of increasing prevalence of e-readers and rising costs of textbooks, some students and teachers are moving away from printed textbooks and towards studying from electronic versions.

  • Old husky fades into memory

    A Year Ago This Week

     The vision of a white, fluffy husky gracing shirts and mugs has all but vanished from campus, and has been replaced by a new, sharp-blue Jonathan.  

  • First paid UConn fire chief honored for 32 years of service

    The University of Connecticut Fire Department honored its first paid fire chief, Chief Merrill Cummings, for his 32 years of service with the presentation of a Class A uniform at a ceremony Thursday.

  • Edward Courchaine Executive pay sparks USG debate

    The Undergraduate Student Government considered changes to its bylaws that would make president, vice president, comptroller, committee chairs and senate speaker paid positions. The senate ultimately tabled those changes for consideration later on, but approved other minor changes to the bylaws.

  • Portion of USG budget approved

    The University of Connecticut Undergraduate Student Government approved funding requests for 384 on-campus organizations, doling out more than $686,000 of the organization’s $1.5 million budget.

  • Car Smash Car smash is a hit

    Students lined up for the opportunity to take sledgehammers to crumpled metal at Zeta Beta Tau’s annual Car Smash fundraiser, held Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fairfield Way. 

  • University reveals new master construction plan

    Last week on April 9, university officials introduced a first look at UConn’s new Master Plan for 2014. The Master Plan is an outline that will guide the physical development of UConn for the next 20 years, and aims to help it grow as a flagship university. Architectural, design, and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) will be joining on as partners. SOM has been involved with major development projects at other colleges and universities such as Yale, Stanford, the University of North Carolina and the Ohio State University. 

  • Senator Chris Murphy Senator Chris Murphy visits Rowe for town hall meeting

    Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat, answered constituents’ questions and heard their suggestions on the national budget at a town hall meeting yesterday in Rowe Hall.

  • Lecture details the constitutions effect on the English language

    On April 16, the spring 2014 visiting Neag professor Michael Gardiner gave a talk about the state of English literature and its relationship to history and the constitution. Gardiner is a professor of English and comparative literary studies at the University of Warwick and has a considerable education in English. In addition to this, he is author of six books involving English literature, has diverse research interests such as the Euro-Japanese exchange and the quest for Scottish independence. 

  • USG seeks to empower voice of students with additional seat

    The Undergraduate Student Government passed a bill Wednesday voicing formal support for a bill currently making its way through the Connecticut General Assembly that would add another undergraduate student seat to the university’s board of trustees.

  • Championships spill benefits to local businesses

    UConn basketball games always bring crowds to businesses near campus, but last week’s championship games – especially the men’s final on Monday night – brought hoards that increased sales like never before.

  • Sober Xpress founder looks to expand, dominate

    The Sobrio app, Guard Dogs and hundreds of freelancers are currently vying for the opportunity to corner the ride matching service market, and over the past year Lance Graziano, founder of Sober Xpress, has decided to join the fray.  

  • Behind the Name: M. Estella Sprague

    Found on East Campus, Sprague Hall, which was built in 1942, bears the name of M. Estella Sprague.

  • Lindsay Collier Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center opens in Storrs Center

    A crowd of nearly 100 people attended the grand opening of the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center on Monday, April 14 at 10 a.m. 

  • Pierce promoted to Executive Director



    This Saturday, April 12th at 12:03 p.m., the UConn Police Department is looking into two separate, and possibly unrelated, reports of robbery that occurred during the early morning hours.             The first incident occurred at approximately 11:40 p.

  • Student interns prepare for summer

    As summer approaches, students are planning the details of summer jobs and internships to keep working hard between semesters. 

  • Professor uses physics to study Sickle Cell disease

    One may question the legitimacy of associate mechanical engineering professor, George Lykotrafitis’ research on sickle-cell disease, but after being published in Biophysical Journal last March, he has proven the merits of taking a physics approach to a biological topic.

  • UConn neurologist offers help with stress

    The key to effectively dealing with stress is recognizing what is most important during tense moments, explained Dr. Julian D. Ford, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the UConn Health Center. Ford spoke about stress in a lecture sponsored by Leadership in Action Thursday.

  • Police let the dogs out by Wilbur Cross

    Police dogs show off their skills at USG sponsored demonstration

    The criminal ran across the Wilbur Cross Green as University of Connecticut Police Officer Christopher Worchel yelled at him to stop. Atlas, Worchel’s canine partner, strained at his leash before he was released with the command “Get him!”

  • Bangladeshi workers speak out

    Survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse share their experiences in the factories

    Aklima Khanam was trapped for 12 hours when the garment factory she was working in collapsed around her. 

  • Damages $55,000 in damages after celebrations

    The price of two national titles is estimated at $55,000, at least in terms of damages to the University of Connecticut Storrs campus said Stephanie Reitz, the spokesperson for UConn.

  • USG bill proposal tabled

    Due to debate and disagreement among senators, the Undergraduate Student Government voted to postpone a vote on legislation establishing the University of Connecticut’s support of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting political campaign contributions by corporations. 

  • Flash Mob Flash mob fun on Fairfield way

    UConn Empower sets the stage for Underwear Mile for fundraiser

     Students clad in their skivvies abruptly invaded Fairfield Way, dancing to a medley of pop hits. The event began at exactly 1:10 p.m. Wednesday, and ended almost as abruptly as it started at 1:30 p.m.