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Campus parking rates set to skyrocket

Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Students parking on campus will find a significant increase in permit costs starting in the 2013-14 academic year as a result of a new rate structure proposed by Parking Services.

The new rate structure, detailed at a Student Activity and Service Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) hearing Thursday, will set up a tiered parking system consisting of four zones and the student parking garage. The cost of permits will range from $84 to $400, varying based on the parking lot’s accessibility.

As proposed, a Zone 1 permit, which consists of Lot S, will cost $350. This will be a new addition to available student parking.

A Zone 2 permit, which consists of Lots A, B, D, F, K, I, L, Upper and Lower T, and Y, will cost $166. This amounts to a 5 percent increase on the current rate.

A Zone 3 permit, which consists of Lot W, will cost $110, the same rate as the previous year.

A Zone 4 permit, which consists of Lot C, will cost $84. This amounts to a 68 percent increase on the current rate.

Student parking garage permits will cost $400, the same rate as the previous year.

Zone 2 parking will also include an additional lot that is currently being developed. Parking Services recently acquired Farmer Brown’s Parking Lot, according to Interim Manager of Parking Services Martha Funderburk. Plans are in place to convert the lot into additional university parking.

Current parking permit costs range from $50 to $400, with the student parking garage being on the upper end of that range. Residents and commuters pay $50 for Lot C parking, the least expense option available to students. The rate increases to $110 for students looking to park in Lots A, B, D, F, K, I, L, Upper and Lower T, W and Y. Only the student parking garage ($400) is higher than the present $110 threshold.

Rates are projected to increase annually on an incremental basis, according to the budget presented to the committee.

In 2014 to 2015, Zone 1 permits will be priced at $402, Zone 2 at $218, Zone 3 at $162, Zone 4 at $110 and the student parking garage at $452. The percent of increase amounts to an additional 15 percent increase to Zone 1, 31 to Zone 2, 47 to Zone 3, 31 to Zone 4 and 13 to the student parking garage.

Additional rate increases have been planned for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years, though the exact rates could change due to many variables that impact the budgeting and rate setting processes.


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