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Hostile work environments

Business Matters Columnist

Published: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

If you make yourself aware of your company's policies and become familiar with what constitutes workplace harassment and hostile work environments, you decrease your chances of being involved in such a messy situation. Be smart and sensible before you place a label on a situation. Know that there are several steps to identifying these activities, especially in a court of law. Contact your local representative first before the EEOC. Ask for help internally before you bring in the federal government. If you still cannot resolve a workplace issue with the help of your employer, learn about the process on how to file a charge with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Before you decide to leave a bad situation, (also known as quitting a job), know that there are more rights for you as an employee as opposed to an ex-employee. Protect your rights and don't become a participant or a victim of inappropriate workplace harassment or hostile work environments. Stand up and be heard!


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