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Students express reasons for voting

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Published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08


RACHEL WEISS/The Daily Campus

A student casts his ballot at the Mansfield Community Center on Tuesday.

Election day came and went. However, many students made their ways to the polls in order to cast their ballots in what they hope to be a better future for the country.

Mattias Mirabile, 5th-semester physics major, says he voted based on his strong background on Christian beliefs, specifically the lives of unborn children.

“While there are many important social issues, I hold life to be one of the most important and I think that other things like gay rights can be fixed with attitude,” said Mirabile. “We don’t need laws to protect everybody although it does help and so I will be voting for Romney because of his stance on unborn life.”

Other students had very different opinions on Mitt Romney and who should be in office such as Clark Johnson, 1st-semester history major.

“To be blunt, I think Romney is an idiot and I can’t stand the thought of him in office which is why I’m voting,” said Johnson. “In general if we don’t take part of the democratic process we don’t have control of our own government.”

“I would not like to see Romney win,” said Tom Callaghan, 5th-semester political science major. “As for the elections I would also like to see a better healthcare plans to be passed.”

“I’m voting because Romney will destroy everything,” said Jake Clark, 3rd-semester a pre-kinesiology major. “It’s important to vote in order to express your opinion and to get what you want out of the government.”

Besides the many opinions on who will be the proper candidate, other students are voting are excited to exercise their right to vote for the first time.

“It will be my first time as an American to vote,” said Mona Lin, a 5th-semester computer science major. “This election is very controversial one and I would like to give my opinion because it will be put into a very important decision that will affect the next four years. And I do hope a compromise and peace at the end of the elections. Not everyone will be happy with the results but people need to analyze why the other person wins out and why their policies are more appealing.”

Derek Johnson, 1st-semester in ACES considers voting an obligation for American citizens and emphasized the importance of voting.

“I feel like I have an obligation to vote and since I am eligible for the first time I feel it’s a coming of age thing,” said Johnson. “Voting impacts everyone. If you have a certain idea on how the U.S. to be like you should vote for a president in line of your beliefs.”

Johnson remains optimistic for what the elections will bring and would like to see the U.S. not end up in further debt.

“There should be a tighter budget on spending, a full withdrawal of troops, more money being used for education and social welfare programs,” said Johnson. “I hope there is a higher voter turn out and I hope my president candidate wins.” 

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