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Students have a 'ton' of fun

Published: Monday, February 14, 2011

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

Wynne Hamerman

Students dig in to the one-ton sundae weilding ice cream scoops and personal buckets. The event, which is sponsored by SUBOG, has become an annual tradition. Contrary to popular belief, the ice cream is not from the UConn Dairy Bar.


Picture this: one ton – and there lies no exaggeration in this number – of flavors upon flavors of delicious ice cream, arranged in a mosaic fashion that van Gogh would be proud of, all at your fingertips for the price of one dollar. While to most kids this may sound like one of those better-than-reality dreams, it was quite real for students Friday at the Subog-sponsored "One Ton Sundae" Event.

Beginning at 11 a.m. and lasting until 2 p.m., the event brought a twisty-turvy line of students to the front of the Student Union, anxiously awaiting their chance to dig in.

Markie Theophile, coordinator of special events for SUBOG, gave us the "inside scoop" on this "One Ton Sundae" (and yes, pun intended). The ice cream comes from UConn catering, but contrary to popular belief is not Dairy Bar ice cream but instead Gifford's. With flavors ranging from "Chocolate Lovers Chocolate" to "Mint Chocolate Chip," from "Black Raspberry" to "Cake Batter," one could not go wrong with the multitude of choices available. To "top it off," toppings galore were spread out on the table adjacent to the vat of ice cream – M&M's, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and, of course, whipped cream.

The question remains, however: how does one enjoy a bucketful of ice cream when the weather outside is not exactly reminiscent of a day at the beach? This apparently did not stop many according to Theophile, there was a better turnout at the event this year than last year, according to ticket sales.  

Was the ice cream worth the wait?

"Worth it? I would do it again. I already love this UConn tradition, and can't wait to start eating," said Yvonne Ambridge, a 2nd-semester accounting major.

Of course, the entire UConn community was not present at the festivities. One common reason found for not partaking was due to the below-freezing temperatures. Many students on campus decided braving the cold weather for ice cream wasn't worth it. 

"I decided to stay in my dorm for the afternoon because of the arctic temperatures much too common at UConn. After all, we have ice cream in our dining hall anyways," said Sukriti Toteja, a 1st-semester biology and psychology double major.

Various a cappella groups entertained the line throughout the afternoon, helping relive the pain of the wind and cold.

"Even though it is cold outside, we still love to be out here and perform. These events allow us to engage ourselves in the UConn community," said President of the a cappella group the Rolling Tones, Leslie McAuliffe.

To those students who did miss out on "One-Ton Sundae" this year, do not fret! Theophile assured us that this event will continue for years.  

" I do believe the tradition will always continue because it is a great event that has been going on for about 34 or 35 years. There are always a lot of different events that SUBOG puts on during Winter Weekend. Unlike Spring Weekend, Winter Weekend is a university event that students always look forward to, especially ‘One-Ton Sundae," Theophile said. 

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