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Fantasy conference realignment

NCAA Football Columnist

Published: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Conference re-alignment reared its ugly head once again yesterday, with Louisville taking it’s talents to the ACC. This has happened after Rutgers and Maryland left their respective conferences for the Big 10 in recent weeks. As dominoes continue to fall, it has become apparent that it is no longer about geographic position and classic rivalries, but instead about making money and just pooling together the best teams you can find.

Some of these conferences don’t even make sense anymore. Rutgers and Nebraska are in the same conference now as well as Connecticut and San Diego State. There are approximately 3,000 miles in between Storrs and San Diego. This is absolutely ridiculous.

So why not make things even more ridiculous? Jim Boheim, head coach of Syracuse basketball, proposed his own idea,
“Maybe they should just have a draft, each conference should just draft teams” He may have been just kidding around, but what if the teams were to draft different colleges for their new conferences? Which teams would go in the first round? I believe that these would be the first five teams to go off the board in the first round:
1. Notre Dame
Notre Dame is the first team off the board in the first round of the College Football Realignment Draft. After years of teams drooling over the storied program, they have been forced to join a conference. Along with the storied program comes the millions of fans that stretch past the nation’s borders. Let us not forget they sold out a game that took place in Dublin. Not to mention the television deal they have with NBC that shows all of their games.

2. Texas
Texas comes off the board with the second pick. Despite having a couple down years in football and basketball, they are still the biggest team in one of the most sport loving states in America. They have their own television network and their overall brand is something that cannot be touched. With their huge and passionate fan base, Texas has got to be a no brainer.

3. Oregon
With the No. 3 three pick, the third commissioner of our draft has selected the Oregon Ducks. Despite having a practically irrelevant basketball team, the Nike endorsement factor is too much to resist. Nike is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and any conference would be smart to align themselves with them. Nike has made Oregon into the team that it is today, so the third pick, has to be the Oregon Ducks.

4. Penn State
With the fourth pick, any reasonable commissioner would have to select the Penn State Nittany Lions. Even with one of the most disgusting scandals in recent history, facts are facts. Penn State is one the largest universities in the U. S. with hundreds of thousands of alumni. Their academics are superior to many other states schools. Any conference would be lucky to have them once they’ve worked themselves out of this scandal.

5. Florida
Florida becomes the first and only SEC school to come off the board in the first round of our draft. It’s a clear choice for the commissioner, as both Florida’s football and basketball programs have been powerhouses for some time now. In 2009 they became the only school in the history of collegiate athletics to hold both a basketball and football championship concurrently. They say football has been driving the ship for most of this conference realignment, so the clear choice here would have to be the Florida Gators.


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