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Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

Among the things Ralph helped her to understand throughout the process of rehabilitating and returning from all three surgeries is the mindset needed to bounce back from an injury so devastating.

“Here’s the thing, when you come back from an injury, there has to be a certain kind of stubbornness to you to come back and be successful because you have to want to fight that hard to get back,” Ralph said. “But then on the flipside of that is that when you get back, you can’t be stubborn. You have to understand what the differences are in your body and you have to go with that. So I think it’s a very hard thing because usually you’re one way or the other … I think she’s finally found a balance that works.”

Unfortunately, like Ralph, ACL injuries have likely cut Doty’s playing career short. Though she says she would like to keep her options open and could potentially try to play overseas, she knows that a professional career in basketball may not be in her future, so she is beginning to make other plans.

Now a graduate student, Doty plans on staying on the UConn campus one more year to get her master’s degree. As an undergrad, she crafted an individualized major in sports marketing and sports agency, but as she has progressed throughout her time in Storrs, her plans for the future have shifted away from that field.

“I’m really interested in coaching,” Doty said. “It’s kind of weird because before I didn’t want to do that or really get into it. But now, being around it and seeing how fun it is and getting close with the coaches and being here for five years, I’ve grown to like it.”

Despite what her injuries have taken from her and how they have changed her, there are still plenty of things that remain intact: her defense, her passing, her shooting and – most importantly – her ability to have fun.

Even though it was the sport that began her series of injuries, Doty maintains her love of soccer and attends UConn games regularly. This October, she and junior center Stefanie Dolson made their way to Rentschler Field with some teammates and friends to watch the U.S. Women’s national team play Germany.

“She’s definitely not introverted, she’s very outgoing, easy going, kind of ‘go with the flow,’” Dolson, one of Doty’s three roommates, said about her friend.

Doty, once described by Auriemma as a “dork,” has a penchant for goofy inside jokes and being able to make even the simple things like watching TV a fun time, Dolson says.

“One day in practice I quoted ‘Pitch Perfect’ like four times,” Dolson recalled, describing one of her favorite memories with her roommate. “She was the only one that got it and we were just dying laughing the entire practice.”

Though the two are close both on and off the court, there is one thing about her roommate that bothers Dolson.

“She tells a lot of the same stories – she’s a story repeater,” Dolson says.

But Dolson may have to learn to forgive her friend for the repetition; her story is worth telling. 

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