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Point/Counterpoint: Which sports editor is a better writer?

Senior Staff Writer and Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 16:08

Tyler: When I arrived at the Daily Campus for my first sports section meeting, the first person I talked to was Matt. He has carried himself with class in leading the weekly budget meetings, while keeping the mood light and festive. Matt has been a mentor and friend, while always been there for all reporters in the department. I always look forward to reading both Matt and Colin’s weekly columns. I feel that both writers provide an interesting take into UConn sports as well as sports in general. Picking between the two, I would give the slight edge to Matt as top twin.

Dan: There is not a whole lot more that I can say about this guy except to call him a flat out magician with words. It’s unbelievable the way that Colin has continued to push the boundaries for how much beauty one can express with the English language. Kanye was right when he said that no one man should have all that power. Colin McDonough’s expressions of the grace and majesty found in the world of sports are unlike anything I have ever encountered from this department to date. I have the utmost respect for Matt, but I am going to have tosay that Colin is the better writer.

Tyler: While Colin does have quite the way with words, you cannot ignore the fact that his brother Matt has published some of the most emotional and heartfelt stories in the paper this year. My favorite one would have to be his tribute to the late Dave Solomon, and how Matt modeled his column that week the way Solomon would have, with his famous “I was just thinking.” I can’t wait to see what emotional story Matt will have for us to end his senior year.

Dan: If I wanted sentimentality, I’d have picked up a Hallmark card. What Colin McDonough brings to the table column after column, story after story is pure skill and composure. The way he filed the stories about the UConn women’s ‘basketball team last year was amazing. It was a shock to so many that the Huskies did not win it all. But Colin’s loyalty to UConn did not get in the way of his reporting abilities and writing skill. He wrote amazingly well about that tournament and sent in some quality stuff from Indy last season.

Tyler: True, but isn’t the role of journalism, supposed to make the reader feel something inside or think about a topic in a different light. Coming into this year, I did not follow the men’s basketball program as closely as I do now and part of that is due to Matt’s spot on coverage of the team, as well as his take on issues both on and off the court. In addition to his basketball stories his football stories were always insightful and informative, there are defiantly some big shoes to fill on the football beat in the fall.

Dan: Colin has made me think and ponder some deep philosophical principles about the nature of sports. Colin’s catchphrases of, “Guys, the Husky is the most beautiful animal on the planet” and “We go to the best school in the world,” have forever changed the way I look at UConn athletics. Prior to my experience with Colin, I had little to no reverence for the grace and power of the Husky nor did I truly respect the fact that I was a UConn student, for I, being a mere freshman, could not possibly comprehend it. But then those phrases, those nuggets of insight, of his came along and shed so much light where it was really needed.= 

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