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Toss Up: Should Gregg Williams be allowed to return to NFL?


Campus Correspondent

Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Updated: Friday, August 23, 2013 17:08

It has been two months since the New York Giants were crowned Super Bowl champions. But the Super Bowl has not marked the end of football talk. With prospects such as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III preparing for the draft, SportsCenter is still full of talk about the NFL. However, it seems the biggest, most controversial NFL story this offseason revolves around the New Orleans Saints.

After a story leaked that accused the Saints locker room of placing bounties on certain players on opposing teams, the NFL took immediate action. They acted quick, put truth to the story, and began handing out harsh punishments to those involved. As the story began to unravel, it became clear that defensive coordinator Greg Williams had told members on the defense that if a certain player on the opposing team was injured and knocked out of a game, the player responsible for handing out the injury would be rewarded. Rewards were reported to come in the form of thousands of dollars.

As the NFL found out all the details about the scandal, they immediately handed out punishments to the Saints front office. Included in the punishments were Sean Payton, head coach of the Saints, and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. While Payton received a harsh one-year suspension without pay, Williams received even harsher treatment. Williams is currently suspended indefinitely from the NFL. This raises the question of whether or not Williams should be allowed to ever return to the NFL. While many may view it as overly harsh, the truth is that Gregg Williams should not be allowed to return to the National Football League.

Football is, without a doubt, one of the most violent sports. With every play resulting in collisions and hard hits, it is not only hard on a player’s body, but also one that puts a player’s body at risk. Unfortunately, this already dangerous sport becomes lethal when people like Williams place incentive on a player to deliberately try to hurt another opponent. While many players in the league may have the mindset to try and inflict harm on an opponent, the fact that compensation was given for such acts is inexcusable. It is not justifiable nor is it safe to allow Williams back into the NFL. He is a risk to the sport in the sense that he encourages taking a dangerous game and making it even more violent.

It has also been mentioned that the Saints and Gregg Williams are not the only team that encourages injuring opposing players. While this may be true, at this point in time the Saints are the only team that has been proven to be guilty of these actions. This provides extra incentive to never allow Williams to coach again in the NFL. By banishing him indefinitely, it sends a message to any other team that may be participating in such actions; deliberately trying to hurt other players is not acceptable.

While the punishment is harsh, it is necessary. The NFL cannot allow Williams to coach again. It sends a message to other coaches and teams that may be acting in the same way and ensures that Williams never again endangers the NFL.

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